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carpenter polishing wood on furniture carpenter installing trim

Our finish carpentry services can put the final decorative touches on your home. We offer a wide variety of different wood grain colors and options for you to choose form. This way you can create the exact look that you want for your home.


You can increase your storage space while at the same time adding a beautiful, natural look to any room in your home with our cabinet construction. We can create cabinets of any dimension you could ever need. You can also come to us for wood countertop construction.

Put the finishing touches on your home

•   New trim

•   Cabinetry

•   Countertops

•   Custom wood

•   A variety of color and grain options

•   And more

Our finish carpentry includes:

We offer service guarantees on all of the work we do.  

Give us a call

to discuss your finish carpentry options.